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The First Day

   "Power Rangers," said Sophia, "come over here. I will tell you what it is about."

   Mitch, Anthony, Stephanie, Melanie, and Callie gather around Sophia and Opal.

   "First of all," said Sophia, "there are a few rules when using these powers. You must not tell anyone who you are. You must only use these powers only if you need them and you must only use you powers to fight foreign and domestic monster villians that the army and the navy cannot handle. Do you all agree?"

   They all said yes.

   "The villain is Bez and his wife Zeb. He has soldiers known as the Strike force. They are armed with laser pistols and these shoot lasers from their eyes. You have the Thunder Force who attack from the air. An easy blast will take care of them, although they can be an easy distraction. Zeb is a dangerous enemy and so is his wife. They have two warriors Kakos and Sapros. They are formidable warriors. Do you have any questions?" said Sophia.

   "Yes," said Mitch, "how do we destroy the Strike Force?"

   "Simple," said Sophia, "by removing their heads from their bodies."

   "Okay....." said Melanie.

   "You can do this...." said Sophia.

   "Oh, I know we can!" said Mitch.

   "I like that attitude."

   "Now," said Sophia, "the porthole has taken you out of your circumstances for a reason. You all have been selected to be Power Rangers. With Callie, more so. She was selected to be team captain. Right now, close your hand and make a fist."

   They made a fist and a gem appeared.

   "This gem will bond with you when you close your hand. Now, close it!" said Sophia.

   "The gems you have received are related to the circumstances before the porthole called you. You now have those powers when you transform into a ranger. Callie, you are the Red Fire Ranger. Anthony, you are the Thunder Green Ranger. Stephanie, you are the Yellow Wind Ranger. Mitch, you are the Blue Ice Ranger and Finally, Melanie, you are the Pink Earth Ranger. You all have these powers to the fullest, but use these powers only if you need them!" said Sophia.

   "When you morph, say Ranger Transform, Thunderstorm for the green ranger and Ranger Transform, Wind Storm for the Yellow Ranger and so forth. Good luck rangers and I wish you the best.

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