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Meet Mitch Williams, the Blue Ranger

   Mitch loves the beach. In fact, he is the lifeguard there. This day, he wanted to take the day off to go scuba diving. So, he did. Everything was fine until he got his oxygen tank lodged between two rocks. He could not move. He had no one to help him and no way to radio for help. He was stuck their for a long time and began to lose air suddenly he was caught up in the porthole's area.

   "Where am I?" asked Mitch.

   "Mitch," said Sophia, "you are caught up in the Porthole and more specifically, you are chosen to be a Power Ranger.

   "No way!" said Mitch, "Glad to be of service! What do I do? Hopefully, besides scuba diving."

   "Well," said Sophia, "you'll be saving the galaxy for one thing and you'll be working on a team. Is that okay with you? I will show you more."

   "When do I start?" asked Mitch.

   "Today," said Callie.

   Mitch, Callie, and Sophia smiled. Sophia winked at Callie.

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