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Brick Wall!

Some construction workers were working on a new homeless shelter for the homeless. Then they noticed that there was a monster that was made of bricks!

"Hi," said Brick Wall, "I am Brick Wall, I am applying for an application. With me, everything will go faster! I can produce brick walls faster than anyone!"

"Talk to the foreman," said the worker, "I guess."

They radioed for the foreman.

"Whoa! Sir!" said the foreman, "what are you?"

"Hello, sir," said Brick Wall, "I am applying for an application. I can put up wall of bricks faster than anyone. If you hire me, I will do a good job!"

"Well, you're the first monster I've ever worked with," said the foreman, "I're hired!"

"Great! I'll start to today!" said Brick Wall.

Brick Wall built bricks around everyone and everything so that all of the workers could not get out. They were all trapped inside. Then he did the same thing to the foreman. All of them were losing oxygen. The foreman was calling for help. The porthole picked up his cry for help. Sophia called the rangers to the battle room.

"Rangers," said Sophia, (She pointed to a bunch of bricks.) "Those are not buildings, they are bunches of bricks made by a monster with brick laying powers. The people inside are losing oxygen. You have to move quickly rangers our those people may die."

The rangers morph and teleport to the location. Right away, Brick Wall starts laying bricks in front of the rangers. All of them escape it. They charge but Brick Wall puts a wall right in front of them and they run right into it.

"Ouch," said Brick Wall, "that hurts. I bet you won't do that again!"

He surrounds the rangers with more bricks and Anthony and Melanie are trapped inside this time. Mitch freezes the bricks while Callie and Stephanie are fighting the monster. Mitch breaks them out. They are free. They use the Element Blaster. The monster becomess incapacitated. Bez makes it grow. Right away, Sophia calls them.

"Rangers," said Sophia, "I am sending you the Drill Element Zord, it can penetrate anything, especially bricks. Good luck, everybody!"

Brick Wall tried to box the Megazord in with bricks but they attacked the drill to the arm and drilled their way out. They powered up the drill and drilled a hole in the enemy. The enemy exploded and was no more.

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