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The Ugly Caterpillar

Bez was watching two boys play in the dirt. They had many bugs and they put them into a cup. Some of them were used to feed their pet turtle. They were feeding the turtle with most of the bugs but one of the boys became upset when he tried to feed the caterpillar to the turtle.

"No, no," said the boy, "leave that alive!"

"No!" said the other boy, "I want to feed it to the turtle!"

The boys fought over it. The mother decided to flush the caterpillar down the tiolet. Meanwhile, in the space galaxy....

"Look at the boys," said Zeeb, "honey, why don't we have a big caterpillar as a pet?"

"Boss!" said Kalos, "I have an idea. Why don't we send a big caterpillar that can split and combine. The Power Rangers would have a hard time with that. It would destroy the city!"

The evil forces agreed. They sent a three-piece caterpillar to the earth. The caterpillar was on the news. It knocked over things that got in its way. It was inconsiderate of everything. All of the rangers came to the Porthole.

Opal's speech was short.

"Have you seen the news?" asked Opal.

They all said yes.

"Then, get to it!" said Opal.

The rangers left in a hurry. And they arrived quickly. They called the zords and hopped into them.

"Divide and conquer, everyone," said Callie, "this is a 3-in-1 monster! Everyone attack separately!"

The caterpillar spilt into three attacking every Element zord and bashing into each zord irregardless of who it hits. The rangers could use their powers because they were too distracted by the caterpillar's movement. Then the three parts came together and charged at the zords as if it were a fast moving train. The rangers were at a losing battle. The caterpillar, at least, hit the Megazord two or three times. The caterpillar stomped on the Megazord one time when it was down. The Megazord got up. It used its power sword but still the caterpillar kept charging at the Megazord. The Megazord was knocked on the ground.

Meanwhile, viewing the rangers,

"Callie!" said Sophia.

"I am sending the Claw Element Zord. It will be strong enough to stop the caterpillar from charging and you can fire it as a weapon through all three parts of the caterpillar when it decides to disassemble again," said Sophia, "I am sending now."

The claw went from warrior mode to weapon to be placed on the Element Megazord's right arm. The caterpillar disassembled and they charged up the claw and fired it through the caterpillar and the caterpillar exploded and the Element Megazord used its ice power to control the fire from the caterpillar. All five rangers went to the Porthole. Sophia baked a cake for everyone. Everyone enjoyed it. They also thanked her for the Claw.

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