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Cool Penguin

Callie and Melanie were at an ice-skating rink. Many people were there having fun. Suddenly, a large penguin jumped through the ceiling and started freezing people. Callie and Melanie started to notice why the people were screaming and running for the exit door. The monster kept freezing people. Callie and Melanie went into a hidden location and morphed.

"Ha! ha! Cool breeze! What up or down!" said the penguin.

"You're not funny!" said Callie.

"Well," said the penguin, "what do you think about this?"

The penguin froze both of them. Suddenly, the alarm sounded and Stephanie, Anthony, and Mitch were alerted.

"What's going on?" asked Mitch.

"Callie and Melanie have been frozen at the Angel Grove ice skating rink," said Opal, "there is also a monster there."

They notice the penguin and Mitch and Anthony are frozen instantly. The penguin still lasts. Stephanie is the only one left. He shoots at the yellow ranger. She dodges his ray. She uses her wind daggers and throws a small tornado at the monster. She knocks the monster over. She starts clipping at Callie, but the Penguin shoots at her and misses. She starts chipping again. She figures that a good fire would destroy this monster. That is why she started chipping at Callie. The penguin froze her also, but Callie was free enough that she warmed her ranger.

"Penguin!" said Callie, "you want a piece of me? Come on!"

She used her Fire Sword and the penguin was roasted! The penguin was incapaticated. She used her fire sword to free the other rangers. It was not able to fight. However, Bez made it grow. So they called on the Element Zords and formed the Element Megazord. Bez gave the penguin an armor to protect it from harm. The Element Megazord could not touch the monster with its powers. The monster laughed at their futile attempts. Suddenly, the Porthole appeared in the cockpit of the Megazord.

"Rangers," said Sophia, "I am sending you the Buzzsaw Element zord. Attach it to one of the Megazord's arms. This zord is an auxillary zord. It is also a warrior. There will be more more auxillary zords after this one. They are all warriors and they all have a secret weapon for the Megazord. Try this one out!"

They attach the Buzzsaw Zord to the Megazord. The Bizzsaw was able to break through the shield. The Element Warrior continued to use the buzzsaw as a weapon and used it repeatedly and then the penguin had enough. They powered-up the buzzsaw and sliced it through the penguin. The penguin fell and exploded. The rangers went back to the Porthole.

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