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Bad Dog!

The rangers were out cleaning the park when suddenly, a wolf monster came an started attacking civilians, not only that, he took a mother and a daughter as hostages. The rangers came to the situation. The public ran a screamed. The wolf had an open box with him.

"Give it up! You are about to...." said Callie.

"Not so fast!" said Sapros, "I have two people that I have hostage. Now, unless you give me all five of your powers in this box, these two will die! Now, you have 48 hours. Bye!"

The wolf and Sapros left.

"What do we do?" asked Mitch, "I mean, that it is obvious that they will reneg on the deal anyway!"

"True that," said Callie.

"We cannot look like we are doing something funny!" said Melanie, "we still have 48 hours."

"Let's try the simple method!" said Opal, "we can lock on to their biorhythms and brings them back home safely which you gave them this empty box with this padlock on it. Just tell them that you lost the key. Hopefully, this monster is smart enough to believe it!"

"I also have an idea," said Sophia, "I want you to stall for a while and then give him the key to the chest and let him open it and you attack him and once, but either way, we can not let those two become harmed. The hostages are on top of the building..."

"Sophia," said Opal, "I will like to handle the hostage situation, if you don't mind! I will watch the Power Rangers and when it gets to a specific point, I will rescue both mother and child."

"I have no problem with it," said Anthony, "but if one or both die, it's your head!"

The rangers fought the wolf on the ground and Mitch had the chest. He tried to hold on to it but lost its grip. Opal began to attack Sapros and threw him from the skyscraper. He fell right behind the Power Rangers. They noticed that he was right behind them because of the dust that he left behind.

"Ha! ha! Now, you have to deal with two of us!" said Sapros as he got up. The rangers began to divide and conquer. Opal left. Mitch froze Sapros and then froze the wolf monster, but they shook free. The wolf monster shot a sonic breath at Anthony but he fought back with his lightning powers.

"These guys need help!" said Opal.

"Everyone," said Sophia, "try your best. I will be upgrading your powers, soon!"

Mitch froze them again and again and again. This time they were not able to recover. They used the ELement Blaster on both of them. Sapros dodged it. The wolf monster fell to the ground and imploded.

Bez made the wolf monster grow. They formed the Element Megazord. They froze him three times but the potion gave the wolf monster power to heat itself. So, the ice melted.

"Darn!" said Stephanie.

"The wolf kept scratching away at the Megazord and it breathed fire at the Megazord. The Megazord fell to the ground."

The porthole appeared in the Megazord.

"Rangers," said Sophia, "I am sending you the Missiles Element Zord. These missiles combine with both arms. There are ten missiles total and it can combine with your elements, if you wish. Try it out!"

The Missiles Element Zord began as a Warrior and changed into two parts and attached each other to the arms of the Element Megazord. The fired five missiles at the wolf. He fell down. Then he tried to regain his position. They fired again. Then they targeted freeze missiles down his throat. The monster froze and the Element Megazord power charged the missiles and shot them at the monster and the monster exploded and was no more.

Opal designed circular communicators which allowed all of the rangers to teleport anywhere and communicate with others. He gave all five rangers one.

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