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Random Acts of Kindness

There was a group of teenagers who travel through the paths of the nature trails in the park. They were littering often. Then an unknown force told them on their windsheild...

"Go away!" said the message.

A passerby who was wearing their ninja suit who came back from a fight was walking through the park picked five cups and the force smiled.

Suddenly, a young boy appeared.

"Hi!" said the boy.

"Hi!" said the passerby, "who are you?"

"I am Erutan, the spirit of the earth," said Erutan, "who are you?"

"I am Kevin Kimball, just an ordinary person," said Kevin, "I just came back from a series of karate matches."

"Do you know TJ Johnson?" asked Erutan.

"He helped me also. He was a power ranger," said Erutan, "are you a Power Ranger?"

"No!" said Kevin, "but I would like to help the world somehow. I don't have to be a power ranger to do it. No one can see me but you."

"That's true," said Erutan, "but I could cut you a deal. You can be a power ranger. I was saving these powers for somehing special. I would like to give them to you.

"You can't be serious!" said Kevin.

"Now, I want you to be aware of something. You will be the most powerful ranger there is, but you will not be leader. I will give you powers to become the White Universe Ranger. This is the most powerful ranger there is. Use this power wisely, Kevin. I'm counting on you and do not let anyone know who you are."

Meanwhile, Zeeb noticed what appeared that Kevin was talking to Erutan, that they sent Pyromanic to set the woods on fire. He set a big chunk of it on fire. There was a massive amount on fire. Erutan was about to die. People thought that Kevin was crazy because he was the only one who could see Erutan. Erutan turned into a peach tree. The Power Rangers used Anthony's Ice Element to Put out the fire. The Ice Element Zord was retired back to its original form. Kevin still remained in the area. He picked a peach from the tree and then he felt lots of power within. He was transfered to an area filled with life. The peach tree disappeared.

"Kevin," said the voice, "It's me Erutan. You now have the White Universe Powers. You also have the Universe Megazord which has the white lion, white tiger, white falcon, bull, and polar bear. They all have warrior modes. It weilds the Universal staff. Your weapon is also the universal staff. Good luck!"

Kevin was disorientated from the changes in atmosphere. The peach tree was no more. Erutan could not be seen. Pyromanic came right back. Mitch froze him solid. He was still able to attack the rangers. He was then able to fight back again. Then Kevin came and started hopping on him and then took his staff and finished him.

"Who are you?" asked Stephanie.

"I am Kevin Kimball," said Kevin as he took off his helmet.

Then Bez made Pyromanic grow. The original five called both of their Megazords. Tim called on Equestrius and grew. He let out a big flame and knocked them over. They all started charging and Pyromanic knocked them down still. Then Kevin, tried out his new Universal Megazord. He picked the monster up and slammed him three times. He fired lasers at the monster. He then took his staff and finished him.

"Thanks a lot, man," said Mitch, "welcome to the team."

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