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A Frog's Idea

The rangers were cleaning up the porthole. Then they went to the juice bar in Angel Grove were Jerome Stone was serving shaved ice. They enjoyed it. They were all together. They also ordered some cheesy fries, also. Suddenly, there was a monster attack. The alarm sounded and everyone was told to take cover. The five rangers went to a place where no one could see them. Then they morphed and went to the porthole.

"What's going on?" asked Stephanie.

"A giant frog is rampaging in Angel Grove, California. It's in the news. I figured that you are the ones who could stop it." said Opal.

"Yes," said Mitch, "we are! Let's go!"

They morphed and went to face the frog. The frog laughed at them. He blew fireballs at the rangers knocking them down. The rrog let out its tongue and ate Melanie, then Callie, then Mitch, then Anthony. Stephanie was the only one left. She teleported to the porthole while the frog was still wreaking havoc.

"Sophia," said Stephanie, "what do I do?"

"Make the frog throw up and then I want you all to regroup here," said Sophia, "Opal, I want you to help her."

Opal and Stephanie went to the frog bringing a giant wedding cake.

"Is that for me?" asked the frog.

"Yes, it is," said Opal.

The frog ate the whole thing and then it vomited the cake and the rest of the rangers out. Mitch washed all the rangers with his water powers. The rangers went back to the porthole by Stephanie's and Sophia's orders.

Sophia porvided them with weapons.

"Callie, you have the Fire Sword; Stephanie, you have the Wind Sais; Mitch, you have the Water Axe; Melanie, you have the Earth Hammer; and finally, Anthony, you have the Thunder Cannon. When they combine, they form the Element Blaster. Try them out and good luck!"

The rangers attacked the frog with their weapons, however, it kept the frog at bay, but it was not enough to finish him, but they formed the Element Blaster and they finished them. Bez made the frog grow. They called on the Element Blaster. THe frog made the first attack. The frog caught the Element Megazord in its tongue. The Element Megazord used the sword and sliced the frog's tongue in half. The Megazord was free and the frog was in pain. The Element Megazord powered up its sword and finished the monster for good. The rangers went back to the porthole and worked on their fighting skills and working out.

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