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First Time Zords

   Opal woke the rangers for an important message. It was about the zords. All of the rangers got up slowly. The rangers all had enough rest. The rangers were in their night clothes. They awoke from their beds and tok a shower and got ready for the day.

   "Rangers!" said Opal, "Sophia has something that she wants to tell you, so rangers, if you can, hurry up!"

   Anthony and Mitch were done instantly. All three ladies were done close to fifteen minutes later. Opal was waiting for them. Callie still had a towel on her head. Opal frowned on Callie for that reason.

   "Sorry," said Callie.

   Callie took the towel off. Her hair was a mess!

   "You look beautiful!" said Opal.

   "Shut up!" said Callie quietly to Opal.

   "Okay, everyone, enough fooling," said Sophia, "I am going to send you on a mission. I am sending you to Galaxy 484. There you will find a treasure chest. This is my hometown and mention my name and they will give it to you."

   They use the porthole to get to Galaxy 484. That is a good thing about the porthole. No travel. No teleporting. You can just go whereever you want just by stepping outside. Callie obtained the treasure chest, just as planned. She tried to open it, but burned her hand. The chest was smoking hot. She touched it again, it was cold, very cold. They transport the chest into the porthole.

   "Here it is," said Mitch, "we tried to open it but....."

   "What do you mean open it?!!" said Sophia, "You are not authorized to open the chest. I am!"

   Sophia opened the tresure chest and five color spheres came out and five warrior zords stood in front of them.

   "These must be the Element Zords. They are the Fire, Earth, Ice, Thunder, and Wind Element Zords. Together, they form the Element Megazord. Each zord belongs to your element and color. Now, both Anthony and Stephanie form the legs. Melanie and Mitch form the arms and Callie would form the body of the Element Megazord. This Megazord uses artillery cannons. Now, there is a monster bothering Providence, Rhode Island. Go try it it out the monster has gained a height advantage."

   They form the Element Megazord. They had a good fight. The Megazord blasts him to pieces. The Power Rangers win.

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