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Goodbye, Old Legend

"I am sick of that unsightly Element Megazord! Everytime we face it, we always lose it!" said Bez

"Why don't we just destroy it!" said Zeeb.

"It isn't that easy," said Bez.

"Why don't we create a computer monster who can link to its computer system and destroy it!" said Sapros.

"Ah!" said Bez, "that's a great idea! Send me one right away!"

Sapros created the Intraviral Monster. He sent it to the world and made it grow. The rangers assembled in the Porthole.

"Something's not right about this," said Mitch.

"I agree," said Anthony, "it sort of sounds like a trap. Oh well, we have to fight it."

The rangers went to the city and called on the Element Megazord. They exchanged punches. Sapros put a wire under the ground and then connected it to then connected it to the torso of the Element Megazord. The Element Megazord went haywire. The rangers emergency ejected from the Megazord. They watched as their Megazord was torn to pieces.

"Oh no," said Mitch, "I knew this was a trap!"

Sapros and Intraviral were laughing.

"Sophia, said Callie on the communicator, "the Element Megazord has been completely destroyed. Let's not send anymore Megazords unless we can protect them!"

"Oh, no!" said Sophia, "don't worry, I have an anti-virus program for the zords. It should be ready in 30 minutes. Try to hang in there!"

Ninjor heard of the news.

"Ninjor is here!" said Ninjor, "I have a replacement Megazord for the one that has been destroyed. It is the Paladin Megazord. The Paladins has the powers of each ranger. The Paladins are different however, because they have the power to fly and they have a short sword and a blaster. Just as the Element zords, they are warriors."

"Rangers!" said Sophia, "guess what! We have the perfect replacement for the Element Zords! You now have the Paladins! I am sending them to you!"

The rangers all formed the Paladin Megazord. They exchanged a few punches and kicks. Sapros tried the same trick on the Paladin Megazord but it did not work. Intraviral was powerless. Like the Element Megazord, the Paladin Megazord, has cannons, but instead fire electronic lasers. They fired the lasers. Intraviral exploded. The rangers go back to sleep.

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