Meet Anthony Hill,
the Green Ranger

   Anthony and his friends were camping during the day, but as the night came, a thunderstorm moved in. Lightning hit a power line which hit a tree which hit their tent. They went out the other side of the tent where there was a tree, but lightning hit that tree and the Anthony was hit by the lightning and one other friend and the other two ran for help. They carried Anthony to the ambulance and took him to the hospital. He recovered quickly. As he departed the emergency room. Something teleported him from the crowd. The crowd was puzzled as to his disappearance. They had no idea what to say.

   "Anthony," said Sophia, "come over here!"

   He turned around and saw the woman alien.

   "Who or what are you?" said Anthony.

   "I am here to recruit you to save the world.

   "How?" said Anthony, "I'm not Superman or anything!"

   "I know," said Sophia, "I need you to become the fifth Power Ranger!"

   "No way!" said Anthony, "I don't believe this! This is too much for me! This is too unreal. I mean...I never expected this one."

   "Anthony...please!" begged Sophia.

   "Okay," said Anthony, "just as long as your not playing games with me!"

   "Trust me," said Sophia, "we're not."

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