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The Morphing Grid

The Morphing Grid is in the Porthole. So, the Power Rangers Element team is right in the middle of it. It gives the rangers power to morph into the rangers, which they are. The rangers have access through the Morphing Grid through ranger idenification. The rangers were chosen by the morphing grid for battle. The Morphing Grid created the original Megazord, Thunder Megazord, and the Element Megazord. The Megazord is very similar to The Matrix. They learn things from it and also get to know themselves. The zords are in the Porthole, where they are kept safe and the rangers can call on them through the Porthole's transport system. The Morphing Grid controls all of the rangers' powers from the first power ranger to the concurrent one. The Morphing Grid is indestructable. A ranger can only for a certain time. That is determined by the Morphing Grid. Later on, the rangers can use their powers for a very short time as the Morphing Grid allows. If a ranger spends too much time in the Morphing Grid, then the ranger must make a choice. The ranger must leave the team permanently or leave for a while and then sign on as a veteran ranger. Now, for some reason, the Morphing Grid allows people to stay on permanently. The Morphing Grid only gives enough power to its needs. The Morphing Grid designes the suits and the Mrophining Grid bonds the suits to the person or alien. In a case, which a ranger is not qualified for a certain power suit, the suit will not bond and become tempramental, then the suit must be destroyed, fixed, or the ranger quits the team. The person must not have too many negative ions in their body to be a ranger or the Morphing Grid will not qualify a person to be a ranger. The Morphing Grid is highly flexible. It works with powers that are similar to it. There may also be powers that are similar to it. Since the Morphing Grid is for good people, enemies can not use or enter it, or they will be destroyed even if they steal someone's powers. The Morphing Grid was created by one of Zordon's ancestors. It was used to battle prior forms of evil. It was pass down for generations to use to fight evil. The porthole was created also by his ancestors. Sophia was one of his heirs. She took over after it was handed down to her. She fully understands it. She understands the Morphing Grid more than Opal. The Morphing Grid according to Sophia is there to stay. The Power Rangers' powers also are secure as long as they as needed will always be there unless something extraordinary happens.

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