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Horsing Around

The Angel Grove Elementary school was enjoying a field trip in the park. They were learning about the age of trees and they were taking pictures. One of the students saw what looked like a man on a horse without a head.

"Miss Patterson," said Diane, "what's that?"

"What do you mean?" asked the teacher.

The student pointed to the headless figure.

"That?" said the student.

"I don't know!" said the fearful teacher, "we need to get back to school! Hurry!"

They loaded the bus quickly.

"We have to get out of here," said the teacher to the driver, "there's a monster in the woods!"

The bus driver traveled at 50 m.p.h. from the woods. The horseman saw the bus and began to chase after it. The horseman was not fast enough so it stopped. The children were frightened. Some of the boys wanted to go back and meet the headless horseman. They did not know that he was one of Bez's monsters. The teacher caught her breath. The class arrived at the school.

"Students," said Miss Patterson, "we are not going back there!"

Miss Patterson was so afraid that she almost had a heart attack.

Miss Patterson said to herself, "I've never seen anything like that before in my entire life!"

She called the forest ranger from her cell phone and told him that there was a monster in the woods and that the class and she will never come back. The forest ranger searched and searched but he could not find anything. He went back to the station and found that the headless horseman was destroying it. He called the police. The police. The Power Rangers showed up.

"Glad you guys are here," said the forest ranger, "now get that monster out of here!"

"We'll try our best!" said Mitch.

THe horseless headman was too fast for the rangers. It basically knocked them all over the place. They could not touch it.

"Sophia," said Callie, "we don't stand a chance against this guy. He has a horse. He's too fast!"

"Don't worry, rangers," said Sophia, "I am sending you the Element Cycles. These Cycles have your element powers and are loaded with missiles and lasers. I hope that they do the job! Try them out!"

The rangers mounted the cycles. The headless horseman ran down the street. Anthony froze the pavement right under the headless horseman. He fell but got back up. The headless horseman shot a beam from the back of his horse and slowed the rangers. However, a stranger appeared right in front of him. The stranger used his sword and knocked the headless horseman to the ground. Bez made the Headless Horseman grow and also the mysterious stranger grew. They got into a fencing battle and it turns out that the stranger won. The Headless Horseman died and blew up. The stranger returned to the normal size facing the rangers.

"Thanks," said Callie, "whoever you are!"

The stranger took off his helmet.

"I am Tim Kline," said the stranger, "I am the Ultima Ranger. This is my horse zord, Equestrius and I am the rider. I and it have the power to grow. Can I join your team?"

Everyone looked at each other and they all agreed.

"Sure!" said Callie, "I think that you've earned it! Oh, yeah, you can be part of the team! I don't know if you can combine with our zords but we will be a formidable team together!"

"Cool!" said Tim.

They shook hands with the men and hugged the girls. They showed him the rules and explained the mysteries of the Porthole and the Morphing Grid. They also found some parallels between his powers and the Morphing Grid. Tim was a perfect fit.

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