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The Lost Zord

"I am going back to Eltare to do some research," said Callie.

"Okay," said Sophia, "but be careful."

Callie teleports to Eltare. She looks around with a metal detector. Suddenly, a stranger approaches.

"Hi!" said the stranger, "how are you?"

"I'm okay..I guess," said Callie.

"I'm Nerlock," said the stranger, "what can I do for you?"

"How much do you know about the Power Rangers?" asked Callie.

"Well," said Nerlock, "I can tell you about his zord." said Nerlock.

"You mean, the Artilletron?" asked Callie.

"No," said Nerlock, "the Panther Knight. I don't know about his whereabouts but I would be happy to see him."

"I'm sorry, but he was defeated by Bez, an even villain. He gave me his ruby as a power up mode," said Callie.

"You mean," said Nerlock, "you have the phantom rangers ruby?"

"Yes," said Callie.

"Then to the wearer of the ruby belongs this zord," said Nerlock.

"I can have it!" asked Callie.

"Yes," said Nerlock, "you may. it is now part of your power up."

"Thank you!" said Callie.

She gave Nerlock a hug.

"Oh," said Nerlock, "tell the yellow ranger that this device will give her the power of the Blade Arm. The Blade Arm belonged to the Space Ranger. It is powerful enough to finish a monster. That is another thing that I have for you here also."

"Thanks," said Callie, "I will see you later."

"Bye," said Nerlock.

Just then, the world was facing a centaur with a height advantage. Callie powered up into her phantom mode and called on the Panther Knight. The Panther Knight is similar to the Lionheart Megazord. All of the rangers watched because they figured that she could handle it and besides, they wanted to see how well the zord fights an enemy. The zord was a knight on top of a panther. It was the type that breathed fire and fought with a lance. They went at it a few times. The Panther Knight knocked the centaur down and powered-up its lance and finished the centaur. Callie powered down. Callie went back to the porthole. She told Stephanie about the Blade Arm.

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