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Element Megazord

The Element Megazord looks much like the Shogun Megazord. It has all five elements. Yes, it is awkward but powerful. It weilds cannons like the Rescue Megazord did. It shoots lasers from the cannons which it calls from the morphing grid. This Megazord was eventually destroyed by Sapros.

Auxillary Megazord

The Auxillary Megazord can fly slowly. It is armed with missiles and a claw. The claw is similar to the Megatigerzords. It can hit multiple targets. It also has powerful kicks. It is armed with the Auxillary Axe.

Universal Megazord

This is a very powerful Megazord. It has a boomerang and has the powers of Telekenesis. It has strong punching and kicking powers. It is very strong. It can fire missiles. It can fly. It can teleport.

Bio Megazord

This Megazord is also powerful. It has the powers of all five rangers and they are allowed to use them up to the maximum. Its only weakness is punching and kicking.

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