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Double Trouble

O'Halley's comet made it's journey through space. Then it crashed on earth in a nature center. Ivan Ooze's remains were found on the ccmet. They reformed into Ivan Ooze.

"The Ooze is back," he said, "after a long time!"

Bez came to meet him.

"Hello!" said Bez, "I'm an evil villian myself! Let's join forces!"

"So, we shall!" said Ivan Ooze, "together, we can wipe the Power Rangers out for good!"

Bez departed.

"Yes," said Ivan, "you will be subject to me!"

At the same time, the Thunder forces and Ooze's tengus simultaneously began attacking the earth. Ivan Ooze began terrorizing the earth by himself.

"Rangers," said Opal, "get to the warehouse right away! An old enemy, Ivan Ooze and the Thunder Forces are attacking!"

"Wait!" said Sophia, "Callie, I am giving you the Jet Element Zord to take down the Thunder Forces. It should be powerful enough. And for the rest of you. Be careful. These could be dangerous birds. These birds are called Tengus. Get going!"

The rangers morph and move quickly to the trouble site. Ivan covers them in ooze. Ivan laughs. Mitch breaks him and the others free. Callie manages to shoot down all of the Thunder Forces.

"Callie," said Sophia over the communicator, "the rangers need your help on the ground. Go!"

Callie moves quickly. They attack Ivan. But they're weapons are useless since Ivan is ooze and not solid matter. Anthony freezes him. Ivan is stuck. Sapros comes and breaks him out. Sapros laughs at the rangers. Anthony gets mad and shoots Sapros with his blaster. Bez makes Ivan Ooze grow with some Tengus.

"Rangers," said Sophia, "The Claw, Drill, Missiles, Jet, and Buzzsaw Element Zords form the Auxillary Megazord. Try it out! Use the Element Zords to take on the tengus."

Sophia sends the five element zords. Mitch and Anthony piloted the Auxillary Megazord. This Megazord looked like the Rescue Megazord. Mitch remembered the freeze missiles. They fired them at Ivan Ooze and he frooze up again. The Megazord weilds an axe; so, it powered it up and swung it through Ivan and Ivan broke free! The manuever failed! They froze him again and since the claw is in the upper body of the Megazord, they used that and Ivan finally died never to awake again.

The ladies piloted their Element Zords against the three tengus. Kicks and punches were exchanged. Each Element Zord used its powers. The Tengus were knocked over. Callie fried a tengu with her flame sword. Stephanie finished a tengu with a powered up version of her double lance attack. Melanie powered up her cannon. All three Tengus were destroyed. All five rangers regrouped.


In the evil layer galaxy, everyone celebrated the defeat of the great Ivan Ooze.

The rangers were happy that they received their new Megazord. It was stored in the Porthole.

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