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Meet Melanie McFadden, the Pink Ranger

   Melanie goes to a two-year college in California. She lives at her parents house. She has no other place to go. Suddenly, an earthquake happens. The ceiling and walls fall in. The father is fine but the mother is severely injured. The cat runs for safety. It is a mess in that area. They take her mom to the hospital and then later she is okay. Then there is an aftershock. Melanie takes a fall injuring her knee. She had a hard time getting up. Then she crawls for a while and disappears in front of everyone. Onlookers do not know what happened to her. Suddenly, Melanie was wondering why she was surrounded by light.

   "Where are I?"

   "Hello, Melanie!" said Sophia, at a distance.

   "Who said that?"

   "I am Sophia," said Sophia, "i am here to recruit you as a Power Ranger."

   "What do you want from me, my knee is broken, what else are you going to do to me?"

   "Relax!" said Sophia," I am one of the good ones! See!"

   Sophia heals her knee. Melanie smiles.

   "Thanks," said Melanie, "okay, you win, so what do you want from me?"

   "Join us in the battle of saving the universe. I chose you for a reason. The team is not yet complete. I will tell everyone what is going on later. Wait here.

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