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The Porthole

This is where the good guys hang out...the porthole.

   Princess Sophia runs the porthole. All rangers go there. It is very safe. Sophia is a alien and she is vey attractice. She is the color of pink with purple hair. She looks very cartoony and she is super friendly. She has an assistant called Opal. He is super smart and he likes to carry a sword. He helps because Sophia, a long time ago rescued him from a fall as an infant and took care of him as a mother. He is human. He guards her from trouble and watches over the Porthole. The Porthole is similar to the Astro Megaship but more. It is full of more amenities and other things. It is more close to home. Nothing unsafe can get in. Opal is just there just in case. Opal's real name is Nicholas Bartee, but he is known as Opal to the rangers and everyone else. The porthole is like home to the rangers. An alarm sounds if there is a monster. It is pretty loud. There is a viewing screen where a monster in action is seen and the address and location is seen (if known). When that happens the rangers automatically respond. The Porthole is very scientifically advanced. You could not ask for a better command central.

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