Meet Callie Anderson

   Cassie just came home from work. Then she went to the YMCA to work out. She had finished her workout. Now, Cassie has a one-bedroom house in a rough neighborhood, so she tries to keep safe. She made a ham sandwich, macaroni and cheese and a soda for lunch. She ate it. In the neighborhood, as usual some guys were starting trouble. There were fights in the neighboorhood but the police chased them away, but one day, someone took a stick and lit it and threw it on the awning of her porch. The porch caught on fire. She was asleep during the time the house was on fire. There was a spectator who asked:

   "Hello? Is anybody in there?"

   Callie could not hear the smoke alarms nor the people, but she got up and screamed. The flames closed in on her and she could not escape. The fire pressed in on her so that she could not escape. She thought that she was as good as gone. She screamed. The fire engulfed her but she wasn't burned! It engulfed her body and she was transfered to a porthole.

   "Callie," said Sophia, "you have been chosen to save the world!"

   "I'm dreaming, right?"

   "No," said Sophia, "you are not. In fact, you are safe now and we need you to become a Power Ranger."

   "Okay," said Callie, "this is weird! Who are you and why are you talking to me?"

   "I am Princess Sophia," said Sophia, "I need you to defend the world as a leader of a team to defeat the even leader, Bez. I chose you because of your wisdom."

   "Okay," said Callie, "what do I do?"

   "Come with me," said Sophia, "I will show you."

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