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Ruby Red Ranger

Sophia went to Callie's room to ask her a favor.

"Callie," said Sophia, "I am sending you to Eltare to collect information on former Power Rangers teams. It seems to me that there was a legenadary creature named Zordon there. I want to learn about him. The rest of the rangers can handle things here."

Callie steps out of the porthole into Eltare. She was looking around. Suddenly, the Blue Senturion stopped her.

"Stop!" said the Blue Senturion, "who are you?"

"Who are you?" said Callie, afraid, "what are you?"

"I'm the Blue Senturion, an intergalactic police officer and why are you here?" said Blue Senturion.

"I'm a Power Ranger and I am..." said Callie.

"Then morph!" said the Blue Senturion.

She morphed. Blue Senturion knew that she was on her side.

"Okay, I'm sorry," said Blue Senturion, "state your purpose."

"I'm here to find out as much as possible about earlier teams. Sophia send me," said Callie.

"Sophia?" said Blue Senturion, "every good person knows that name. She has helped many people! Sure, I'll help you!"

Callie relaxed. Blue Senturion used his radio to call Phantom Ranger. Phantom Ranger hid from him because he thought that he was under arrest.

"It's okay," said Blue Senturion, "this is a social call! Someone needs your help!"

Phantom ranger came out of hiding. He came and shook Callie's hand. He took Callie in his spaceship to the ruins of the Power Chamber and then they went to the Astro Megazord I. The Phantom ranger helped teleport valuable material to the porthole. Suddenly, a monster came. The Strike force separated Callie and the Phantom Ranger. They beat the Phantom ranger badly. He was about to die. Then they left the scene. Phantom Ranger started to smoke and catch on fire. He took off his helemt. He was too weak to tell her who he was but all that he instructed her to do was to take his ruby.

"Take my ruby, please," said Phantom Ranger. And he died.

Meanwhile, at the porthole.....

"Where is Callie?" asked Melanie.

"Callie, is on Eltare," said Sophia, "and she has sent some of the stuff from the legendary Power Ranger Power Chamber. Csllie is....."

Callie returned. They noticed the ruby that she had. The ruby bonded with her powers.The monster came to earth. They sent one hundred Strike force soldiers. The rangers came to the location.

"Guys!" said Mitch, "there are too many soldiers to fight!"

"Don't worry!" said Callie, "I got this one! Phantom Ruby, power up"

She went through all of the soldiers like a phantom and the soldiers did not understand. Callie had an idea. She tried going through the monster combining the flame powers with her phantom powers. She would be invincible but the fire wouldn't be! So you traveled right through the monster and he fell and exploded.

"Callie," said Mitch, "that's awesome!"

"Where'd you get that?" asked Anthony

"On a planet called Eltare," said Callie, "I got them from a dying friend. Don't touch me; you might get shocked!"

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