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The Trojan Horse

"I am sick of those rangers' zords! They are such a pain!" said Bez.

"Honey!," said Zeeb, "why don't we just find a way to destroy them!"

"I have an idea!" said Bez, "why don't we create a virus that will invade the zords and cause trouble in their base! We can send a worthless monster to fight them to install the virus and it will take the virus to their place of operation causing trouble and we will not have to worry about the rangers at all!"

"Sapros," said Zeeb, "get us a stupid monster. Then we can place the virus in a Megazord and infect their systems! Then we can take over the world with a more powerful one! The world is ours!"

They made a monster called Leafy, who was entirely made of leaves. They made it grow. Then it disappeared. The virus was placed in the Element Megazord. The rangers left the scene wondering what happened.

"That was weird," said Callie, "this may not be over yet."

Suddenly, the whole base lost power. The zords lost power also. The viewing screen turned on.

"Gotcha!" said Zeeb.

Then the screen went down. The rangers still could morph but they could not teleport.

"I am going to send Trojan Horse to wreak havoc on the city," said Bez, "in that way, they will have less to worry about than machines!"

Bez sent the monster down. They issued a monster alert. The police and national guard tried to bring everyone into rescue shelters. The national guard kept shooting bullets at the monster but the bullets just bounced off. It was as if they never fired on the monster.

The reporter's sentences were, "Power Rangers, where are you?"

The Trojan Horse ran toward her and she ran.

"Hello, this is channel whatever," said Trojan Horse, "sorry, I put viruses in all of your powers! Power Rangers, where are you? Ha! Ha! Ha! Signing off!"

The Power Rangers became angry. Opal got teleportation up. Trojan Horse grew.

"Oh yeah!" said Trojan Horse, "I'm a big problem, now! There a virus in the world and everything is going haywire! Yeah!"

Just about everytime that he opened his mouth, the rangers became more upset.

"Rangers!" said Sophia, "calm down! This is what Bez wants for you. He wants us to be in despair. We can do this! Opal, how's the teleportation going?"

"Actually, it's done!" said Opal.

"Great!" said Sophia, "Since the zords have viruses in them, I am sending you to a place where you will receive more powers and zords. I hope that the national guard can keep this monster at bay. I am sending you to the Temple of Power. You are looking for a personage named Ninjor. He will be an asset to you. He has worked with a Power Ranger team before. Hopefully, he will this time. He is our hope right now. Since the portholes are down, we have to teleport you. Tim and Kevin, I recommend that you stay behind because this is for the original five rangers."

"That's okay," said Tim.

"Alright," said Kevin.

"Teleporting you, now!"

All seven rangers are teleported in front of the temple. They walk in.

"This place is dark!" said Callie.

"I have an idea," said Melanie.

Melanie made a stick from her earth powers.

"Callie," said Melanie, "light this stick.

Callie lit it. They kept going. They notice a strange bottle.

"Wait here," said Anthony.

Anythony looked into the jar and the blue stranger was inside. He was not sure that he should say anything. He noticed the 'N' on his stomach and wondered if this stranger was the one that they were looking for.

'Uh, hi!" said Anthony.

"Go away, please!" said Ninjor, "you want my powers out of greed! Go away!"

"Please!" said Stephanie, "we are Power Rangers and....."

Ninjor hops from the jar.

"Well, said Ninjor, "why didn't you say so! I am Ninjor, Temple of Power guardian. I am glad to assist you!"

"We have been attacked by a virus," said Callie, "and because of that, our zords are offline and we have a monster to fight...."

"I have some lost Element zords for us. These are the Bio Zords. They form the Bio Megazord. Let's make this quick. Callie, you have the wolf Biozord; Melanie, you have the gorilla Biozord; Stephanie, you have the eagle Biozord; Anthony, you have the bear Biozord; Mitch, you have the rhono Biozord. Together, you form the Bio Megazord. All of you Biozords have your element powers. I will come with you to help fight the Trojan Horse so let's go!"

Ninjor and the Bio Megazord go and fight the Trojan Horse.

"Hi!" said the Trojan Horse, "are you coming to see me?"

They fought the Trojan Horse by wetting it because this monster is a giant computer. He frooze and the Bio Megazord fired its rocket and finished the monster. The rangers' Porthole, Grid, computers, and zords were returned back to normal. They beefed up the security in the Porthole and the Morphing Grid so that they do not have another virus attack.

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