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Meet Stephanie Star, the Yellow Ranger

   It was a beautiful day outside. Stephanie was outside playing with her dog, Valentine. Then a few clouds started to form. Then more clouds started to form. Then more clouds started to form. The sky began quickly to be overcast. Lightning was everywhere. It started to thunder often also. On television, they issued a severe thunderstorm warning. Stephanie took her dog and herself inside. They issued a tornado watch for her county. Four hours later the sirens began to sound. A tornado warning had been issued. Stephanie did not know that a tornado was in the area, in fact, it was making noise in the area. The tornado had been wreaking havoc in the area. Suddenly, it attacked Stephanie's house. The power went out and Stephanie was scared. The basement door was hard to get out of since there was lots of debris on top of it. Construction crew noticed that she and other civilians were buried so they dug her and them out. Many people were devestated by the damage. Suddenly, Stephanie was teleported to the portal.

   "What's going on?" said Stephanie.

   "Stephanie," said Sophia, "you have been chosen to defend the galaxy as a Power Ranger!"

   "Okay, whatever!" said Stephanie, as she cried, "I almost lost my life out there and no one cares!"

   She fell on Opal's shoulders and cried.

   "It's going to be okay," said Opal.

   "What do you mean it's going to be okay?" said Stephanie, "I've lost my home and now you ask me if you want my to be some stupid Power Ranger!"

   Everyone frowned on her.

   "Sorry! I'm sorry!" said Stephanie, "I didn't mean that. I'm just stressed out."

   "You can live here if you're a Power Ranger," said Opal.

   "Really?" said Stephanie.

   "Yes!" said Sophia, "but you know what is to be expected of you as a ranger, don't you? Do I have to tell you? That goes for you, too, Callie."

   Both girls agreed.

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